Sunday, March 28, 2010

How To: Bow/Clippy Organizer or Memory Board

This is my first How To type post. I'm not a very crafty person, but with the help of my hubby, we've been able to make some really neat things for Olivia. Before she was born we made her a small chest and a cork board for all kinds of pictures of her and family.

This was before she was born.

This is now, all her birth papers and lots of pictures of family holding her.

Anyways, I came across a board that was made for putting hair clips and bows on to organize them. As a mother of a little girl, I have the urge to put cute things in her hair. So, I've bought a lot of hair accessories in the year she's been alive. It didn't look hard, so I just decided to make one myself. Here is what I did:

Picked out fabric and ribbon. The fabric I bought was quilting stuff. Its lightweight and they have more of a selection to choose from. I just coordinated the ribbon with the colors of hearts. I bought a yard of each.

Russ picked this piece of board up at Home Depot. He cut it to size.

This is just quilt batting.

I cut the batting to fit the piece of wood, leaving about an inch on each side to staple it to the board.

Detail of the stapling.

Finished with batting.

Cut the fabric to fit the board.

Staple fabric.

Decide the layout of your ribbons.

Staple ribbons and add a hanging fixture. This one happened to be on photos we bought a couple years ago and never used.

Finished product.

Close up.

This was actually very simple to make. It was a bit easier with Russ there helping me hold down fabric and ribbons, but I could have done it alone. The hardest part was stapling. We have a cheaper Craftsman stapler, for me it was hard to press down.

I liked this idea because it will help me organize Olivia's hair things, but when she gets older, she can use it as a photo board or something alone those lines. So, even if you have a boy, you can make one for his room!

The final cost was about $30 with the wood, fabric, batting, and ribbons. I could have made 2 of them.


MamaMonki said...

That is so cute! I know I could do one for David's room for pictures - but it looks super cute with hair bows.... do you think hubby would be freaked out if I buy WeeMan some hair pretties? :)

Jenny said...

Very cute! My little one doesn't have enough hair yet for I am still stuck with headbands. I'll have to remember this though!

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