Friday, March 26, 2010

Something else....

After months of watching what I eat and doing moderate exercise..I've only lost 2lbs. Ugh. I KNOW I have to work out more. I have an elliptical at my dad's house that I bought way back in 2001. I just have to go pick it up and bring it home. I WORK at a gym, therefore, I don't even have to pay for a full gym membership. They don't have childcare there, so it's hard to go when I have Olivia all day. I could technically work out 7 days a month when Russ is home and I'm working. But, I don't think that will cut the cheese.

Here is a quick run down of my weight loss journey.

Sept 2005 - Started losing weight for my wedding (181lbs)
Feb 2006 - Wedding (weighed in @ 154lbs)
2006-Aug 2007 - Maintained my weight and even lost a few more (145lbs in August)
Sept 07 - Started taking Zoloft for my anxiety disorder
Feb 08- Gained 25lbs from the medication, told doctor I need to get off and try something else (172lbs)
March 08 - Got pregnant (172lbs)
December 08- Delivered (211lbs)
January 09- Lost 27lbs (184lbs) Pregnancy is good for weight loss. LOL
January 10' - Lost 10lbs in a year (174lbs)
Today - 2lbs down from beginning of year (172lbs)

As you can see, the medication really messed up my mojo. Its been really difficult to lose since having Olivia. Anyways, I picked up a box of SlimQuick. Its made for women. I'm going to give it a shot. I don't eat THAT bad. I try to eat a lot of fruits, veggies, and limit my eating out. I just don't understand why I'm not losing ANYTHING anymore. So, I'm giving this a try to help kick my body into losing weight.

Here is me on my wedding day:

Here is a picture of me in July 07'. I was 145lbs, it was my happy weight and I was totally healthy and LOVED my body. I was still a size 10/12, but I looked awesome. :)
This is me now. Even though I'm the same weight I was when I got knocked up, my body shape is different and my pre-preggo clothes still don't fit right.


MamaMonki said...

Keep us posted on how it works. I'm not having much luck either. I've been doing Alli before meals and trying to work out more... but I HATE working out by myself and who has time with a little one. I'm hoping now that spring is approaching I can do more outside with him .

angie said...

I totally know where your coming from I am the same way. I do really good with my weight loss eating working out extra and then bam something happens and I slip with one or the other and ya I have found it hard to lose after having William too. I didn't know you worked at a gym I have know you for how long now.

Kim said...

Don't worry so much....your body will probably never be the same "pre-Olivia". As you get older an have children it just changes. Unless you have money for a personal trainer and personal chef!!! Just watch what you eat (calorie wise) and work out'll get back to a comfortable weight soon
enough..then you'll get pregnant with #2 and start all over again. Oh...and I beg to differ about what I said when I got to your apartment that day...I never said "holy crap!", but I did say you were huge..which you were...ALL BABY..not fat!!!!! :P

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