Thursday, March 25, 2010


Things that stress me out:

#1- Russ's job schedule. He switches from nights to day for 3 weeks then he gets a week off. I really wish he had a normal hour job. He also worked 12 hour days and we live about 30 minutes from his work.

#2- Work. I wish I could work more. But, putting Olivia in daycare isn't an option. I will not pay $30+/day for a glorified babysitter. As of now, I work 7 days a MONTH. So technically I'm a SAHM, which I don't like. (No offense so you AWESOME SAHM's. It's just not for me)

#3- My whiny, always getting into things she's not suppose to, sick, snotty 15 month old girl. I don't dislike her, but I dislike her behavior at this point in time. I cannot go a minute without watching her because she'll either be in her room eating wipes, pulling her clothes out of drawers, PLAYING WITH CAT LITTER, taking all my pots and pans out, PULLED DOWN MY CANDLE STAND (breaking it), taking DVD's out of the boxes, falling down and SCREAMING like she's lost a leg....ETC ETC ETC
I think the only option at this point is to gate her.. which she wont like and most likely with throw a fit on the floor.

I'm seriously on the brink of screaming at everyone and telling them to screw off. I feel myself falling back into the ugly spiral of being in a bad mood 24/7.

I need a vacation. Alone.

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