Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What are you feeding my baby?

This past weekend, Russ and I went out for lunch and ran some errands. We left Olivia with her grandparents (my in laws) for the day. She was there for lunch and dinner, fortunately we were there for dinner, so I know what she ate.

Fast forward to Sunday, Olivia had not 1 but 2 diapers that were runny. I figured it was from being over there. Yesterday, she had more runny diapers. So, I made Russ call his mother and ask what the hell they gave her to eat that's causing her to have runny bowel movements. Here's what she says:

-pierogies (which we've gave her before, but I know they were probably LOADED with butter)
-a sugar COOKIE

Let me say that I'm not against giving my child a little sweet here and there. Her first real taste of sugar was her birthday. I'll give her a piece of a cookie. She eats those Gerber Animal crackers. When there are birthdays, she'll have a couple bites of cake. So, I'm not totally anal about giving her sweet stuff. I just don't think it should be a daily part of her diet.

That said, that's a hell of a lot of sugar for an almost 15 month old in a day. Russ told her she never gets that much sugar and that's a lot for a person her size. So, now she's got the poops because of all the SHIT my mother in law fed her.
Russ said she sounded like "Oh well, I guess its MY fault then." kinda attitude when he told her.

Yeah, she also brings her McDonald's breakfast when she comes and watches her 1 morning a month. Nice.

This is one of the main reasons we don't take her over there a lot. Because every time she comes home, she's got the poops. :(


Jess said...

I hope the runs go away soon. Poor kiddo. That is a lot of sugar.

MamaMonki said...

wow!! That's way too much sugar. David would be bouncing off the walls and sick with that much sugar.... but my in laws are the same way. At Christmas they tried to give him a drink of their coke. Are you kidding me?! He wasn't even a year old yet!!

Baby Boberg & Parents said...

Love your cute baby and your blog. I decided to award you the Beautiful Blogger. Stop on by to see it.

Sorry about the poops.Dealing with that over here too. Hope your little one feels better.

babyandsofia said...

Oh my goodness. That is waaay to much junk food for such a little one. Poor baby, her tummy probably hurts a lot! I am sure a little sugar is fine in moderation, but mamma mia! (My baby is only four months old, and I may be a little on the anal side. I don't plan to introduce any solids until at least six months, and then it will be organic rice cereal, organic vegetables (avocado, probably) and organic fruit. What mom doesn't want their baby to be as healthy as possible?)

Anonymous said...

dena here.. im sorry thats not funny but i chuckled.. your baby is a real lil pittsburgher!! chowing on her pierogies!! we love our rogies here in the burg!!! well i should speak for myself.. that was a staple in my house.. and haluski! be happy she had no cabbage.. oh my....

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