Monday, April 5, 2010


No, not that #2. :)

It has been decided, well, it was decided a couple of months ago that we're going to start trying for #2. I would LOVE to start now, but I've got my heart set on a Spring baby, so we wont be starting until August. If everything works like it did when we conceived Olivia, I should get pregnant right away. I got pregnant after 2 months of actively trying. It actually took us both by surprise because after YEARS of not being on birth control, I thought maybe I'd have some issues getting pregnant. Not the case. I just charted and ya know.. during those 4 very important days of the month and BAM! Little Olivia was in the oven being baked. :)

I know a lot of people who have more than one child. They all say the same thing, you'll love them both/all the same. But, really? Do you? I cannot even describe how I feel about my little peanut. She's my sun, my moon, my WORLD. The moment I started feeling her move inside my belly, it was love. I would talk to her and rub my belly ALL the time. The minute she was born and plopped onto me, it was instantaneous unconditional love. I seriously did not expect this kind of love. It's the most amazing thing EVER!
So, I'm kind of sad to lose that bond. It would no longer be just us two. (or three technically, sorry Russ) Will I miss it? Will Olivia be a good big sister?

I guess the only way to find out is to have another baby.

I miss having a baby around here. Olivia is so independent anymore. Granted, she still loves to cuddle with her mum and daddy when shes sleepy or just wants some extra love. But, she's adamant about doing things on her own. Example was tonight after her bath... I got a bowl of fresh cut up strawberries for her night snack, I didn't want her to get RED berry juice all over her clean jammies, so I used the fork to feed her. Oh no.. this was not flying with Miss Olivia. She HAD to do it herself. She would give me a look and scream if I took the fork away. We compromised and I stabbed the berry and gave her the fork to eat it. This worked out quite well.

Anyways, I miss having to care for a baby. I miss the bonding while feeding. A baby sleeping on my chest. Its just all so precious and it doesn't last for long. I still cannot believe my baby is almost 16 months old and wants to eat her food with a fork and spoon. :(


Olivia was a week old. :) So was my postpartum belly. YIKES!


Laura said...

Happy times!

We have decided to try for another starting later summer too! Maybe we will be blogging about buns in the oven at the same time!

Anonymous said...

You will NEVER lose the bond you have with your first-born. You just have a different bond with the second/third/fourth/etc...(the way you talk about having babies around the'll have more than two!!!)

The love between your children isn't's the same love, just different people.

You've loved more than one person in your you know what I mean. Different personalities, different likes and dislikes (FINE!), different attitudes about the same's all a learning experience...but YOU, my dear daughter, are the best mom I know....and you will be fine. Olivia Kymberly (love that middle name!!!) will learn to share and love someone different too. You and Rick were (and sometimes still ARE like a cat and dog with each other) but he's your brother and you are bonded to matter how much you say you're not (brat)....and Rick will be your only sibling...think of that special stuff you two had growing up (on Leo Rd) and how much he made you laugh (and cry)....that's the same stuff Olivia will have.

I'm hoping you have a boy this time...just to let you know how it is....but a sister would be great for her too....I know I wish I would have given you a sister too.

It's all good. You'll be fine :)


Life with Pog & FLeC said...

Good luck. The spring is a good time to have a baby! :) I am a bit anxious about Pog becoming a big sister. I know she'll do great after an adjustment period and will be a big helper. And I know she'll never remember being an only child. But I just love being with her so so so so much... but I hear it all just works out and your heart and love just grow for the new baby. I'll let you know in a few weeks. haha

Mrs. Hails said...

Aw. How exciting! I'm sure that OK will be a wonderful big sister, and here is BABY DUST being send your way for when you guys do decide to start! Good luck with TTC! :)

Apey said...

No one can ever describe to you how to love your 2nd, 3rd, or 4th child, it's just something you have to experience in your own way. Sure its harder with a little one who still needs you (even though she's independent) but it is all worth it when they are sitting together, lauging or being silly with each other. I remember being so scared. I had no idea about boys. I never had a brother, probably Rick was the closest thing to a brother I did have. Anyway, Olivia will be a good big sister and you'll be a good mom to #2 and you just do it, you jump right into it and prepare Olivia for it. You won't know what to feel until it all happens and plays out but it will all be good :) Oh, and the rumor that the 2nd baby is the hellspawn of satan, yeah, thats true, lol

<3 YA

Heather said...

I am very excited about your journey for #2. Hubby and I have discussed it recently as well and plan to wait until Lil is about 20 months old. (Kids will be 3 years apart and I want a winter baby this time, lol. Being 9 months pregnant in June is not a pretty site.) If it works out, maybe I'll be in my first trimester again when you're about ready to pop. =)

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