Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mommy and Me Monday #12

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This weekend, Russ went to a fairly large neighborhood yard sale. He came home with 3 new DVD's, Elmo pj's, and a Bell child carrier. Of course all of this was for Olivia. Russ hooked it up on my bike and we decided to see if she even liked being on the back while I was riding. She didn't have a helmet, so don't panic and think I drove around the road with her. :)


She ended up saying "Down, Down" almost the entire time. Oh well, after we get a helmet for her, I'm going to take her to North Park and cycle around the lake and see if she enjoys it more. That carrier is like $80 new, and Russ found it for $5! Even if she doesn't like it, it wasn't a waste.

Today, we went to get Olivia's hair cut. Her hair grows so fast, I'm constantly trying to trim her bangs to keep them out of her face. She was starting to look like a Beatle from the 60's. :) She did really well. I kept her occupied with a roast beef sammich from Arby's. She'll never turn down food.


Here is a cute picture of her eating sand. Oh the joys of motherhood.


Just for fun, here is a picture of the 4 week belly. Not much going on except left over baby chub from Olivia. :)



Krystyn said...

Don't you guys look so cute on the bike? I bet she likes it more when you are moving!

And, congrats! I had no idea you were pregnant!

Angelica said...

so cute! did you save some of her hair? and I like your pink bike!

Cupcake Dreamer said...

I love the new bike seat and am so envious! :) Your little one looks like she will love that..

You look great so far Amy!

Do you have your first appointment or US scheduled?

Hang in there Amy! We pregnant women have to stick together. :)

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