Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I worked Monday, Tuesday and this evening. It was a busy couple of days. I don't know why, but everyone and their mother wanted a massage this week. Good thing I'm not in the 'walking zombie' part of my pregnancy yet. Although, that will be starting in just a few weeks. I'm not sure when exactly it started last time, but it was horrible. I slept at least 16+ hours a day. I would wake up, go to work, sleep during any downtime I may have had. Come home, take a nap. Eat dinner. Fall asleep on the couch watching my shows. Go to bed. I really missed 8 weeks of my life. LOL I wont get the luxury of napping this time. I will take full advantage of Olivia's naps though. :)

Speaking of Olivia, she turned 17 months on the 8th. Because of working, and Russ being home, and Mother's Day, I didn't even post a monthly update. Poor girl. She's learning SO fast. She tries to sing along to Dora the Explorer and Spongebob. She can fully say 'mummy' and 'daddy'. She learned how to open the front door. Oi.
Next month I have to take her for her 18 month check up. I cannot believe she'll be 1.5 years old. Where has the time gone?

Here are some pictures from the past week. I found a Powerwheels on Craigs List for $25! It's a Dora Beetle. She LOVES it. She won't push the pedal, but she loves sitting in that thing. She'll even bring her breakfast in there and eat. Too cute.


Her "new" sandbox. CL find for $10!! :D

My daughter takes after her daddy.

LOVES spaghetti



MamaMonki said...

She is so stinking cute!

Cupcake Dreamer said...

I can't totally relate to your thinking about your little girl. Mine is also growing up before my eyes and will be 2 next month. She is talking up a storm, and working on doorknobs but ours are difficult to open.. thank goodness!

She's such a cutie. I've thought about getting her ears pierced, but never did. How did your little one handle that? When did you get it done?

Cupcake Dreamer said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog Amy! I DO feel like I'm showing earlier than I did with Kailey. Even though my picture looked like a little bump, later at night when the bloating catches up with me I feel around 10 weeks pregnant. Ugh! :) I have a feeling this time around there won't be hiding things for much longer.

Thanks for your tips on getting ears pierced. I definitely don't want her to feel bad about getting them done, and really struggle if I should do it or not. She HATES shots, so I'm afraid she will not handle this well either.

I will definitely keep it in mind that they should have two girls ready to go. :) Great tip!

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