Thursday, January 20, 2011


I seriously have been on my last nerve with Olivia. I know she's 2. I know her life has just changed because of the new baby. I know. I know. I know.

But, seriously? I cannot take the crying, whining, tantrum throwing little monster that has inhabited my normally care-free little girl.

She cries more than the baby. I'm not kidding you that she's 90% crabby and 10% happy. If you tell her 'no', she cries. If you correct her on how to hold the baby's bottle, she cries. If you catch her doing something she's not suppose to, like, eating a Toblerone under the dining room table, she screams at you and then proceeds to cry.

Oh. My. God.

Thank goodness for modern medicine and a pill called Prozac. I started back on it 2 days ago and I'm just waiting for it to kick in. I have been a big ball of anxiety and nerves since I hit the 3rd trimester. I had PPD last time with Olivia and I really did not want to go through that crap again.

Does anyone know if Target takes toddlers as returns?

I kid. I kid. :)

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MamaMonki said...

Awwww - I hope that it gets better soon. We're going through similar times over here - but at least it's just WeeMan and not a new baby too. I'll be praying for you and sending hugs your way. Hope little Olivia is back to her sweet self soon.

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