Sunday, February 6, 2011

Comparison - C vs V

I've had a lot of people ask me questions about how my deliveries compared to each other. So, here are my opinions on both types of deliveries.

PROS: Vaginal birth

-Instant bonding with baby
-Shorter recovery
-Less restricted postpartum
-epidural is fan-tabulous


-Contractions are painful
-Being overdue sucks
-Feeling like your vagina is falling out is not fun
-Pushing for an hour is exhausting
-Bleeding postpartum is like a horror film

PROS: C-section

-Date of eviction is set
-Very quick and painless *It was about 10 minutes before she was born*
-Spinal is awesome and kind of strange at the same time
-Postpartum bleeding is SO much better than vaginal
-Lady bits are still intact


-It's surgery. Period.
-Longer recovery
-Very impersonal for momma and baby
-Shaking is HORRIBLE from spinal wearing off

I actually couldn't tell you if I would rather do it again c/s or vaginally. They seemed pretty evened out for me. I had good experiences both times, so I know people have varying opinions. As for the one I enjoyed more, I'd have to say my experience with Olivia was just awesome. It sucked being overdue, but I enjoyed it a lot more. Maybe because it was my first baby? Alex's birth was just very "medical". I didn't get to see her until she was all cleaned up and swaddled. Then after I was wheeled into recovery, I could barely hold her because I was shaking so badly from the spinal wearing off.

Sorry for the abrupt ending. I wrote this out a couple nights ago and apparently forgot to finish what I was thinking about. I'm blaming lack of sleep. :)

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Mommy on the go! said...


I'm glad that you're finding time to blog with both girls, but I'm sure it's got to be rough trying to recover and taking care of both girls. If you ever want to bring them over and just let O and M play, you're always welcome!

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