Thursday, April 7, 2011


I'm currently in North Carolina visiting my mum. I got down here on Tuesday and will be coming home either Sunday night or very early Monday morning.

The trip down went pretty well. Olivia does amazing traveling, so I knew I wouldn't have a problem with her. I left at 4:30am, so she slept until the sun came up. She's was very patient when we had to stop for me to feed Alex. The baby doesn't really enjoy her car seat, so we had some screaming sessions throughout the trip. I pretty much just stopped for gas, to stretch, or to feed Alex. I think I made pretty good time with 2 kids alone. Just a little over 8 hours. It was also horrible weather. It was pouring in Pittsburgh when I left, then it turned into sleet/freezing rain in West Virginia, and eventually snow in the mountains. It finally got nice out when we were just about over the North Carolina border. What a mess!

I'm so proud I did it myself though. I thought I was going to chicken out and not come, but I did it! Hooray! (see my Dora reference there?)

Anywho, my mum is enjoying seeing the girls. This is the first time she's met Alex since she was born. I know she'll have a hard time letting us leave to go back home.

Russ is missing them. He calls me and tells me he's bored. I guess when you don't have 2 children taking up your entire day, it would be boring. :)

I'll have an update and pictures when I get home. The computer is a dinosaur here and I don't want to overload it with my 4.5KB pictures.

Be Back Later.

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