Monday, June 20, 2011

Belated Father's Day

I'm really terrible at taking photos of Russ and I with the girls. I was trying to find photos of Russ and Olivia/Alex alone, but I only came across 3 photos of Russ/Alex together! I need to take more of them alone. We have a ton of Russ/Olivia pictures. Poor 2nd child is getting the short end of the stick already!

Anyways, we didn't really do much yesterday. Russ got a haircut and we went to a local beer emporium place that sells specialty hot dogs for lunch with his dad and brother. I went to the store and picked up some fresh delmonico steaks for dinner. Came home. Cooked. Russ ran out with Olivia to Target and picked up a bookcase that will match our new TV stand. Got the girls ready for bed. Picked up Bruster's for dessert. Russ went to bed because he's on daylight this week. Pretty low-key day.

He got a new coffee maker and a light that attaches to his grill for fall nights when it gets dark at 5pm. I think he made out pretty good.

He's the best daddy around!

Olivia - 6 weeks

Olivia - 7 months

DSC_3213 copy
Sesame Place - June 2010


September 2010

Alex - 3 months

Alex - 4.5 months

Alex - 5 months

Idlewild - June 2011


MommaM said...

Super cute blog! :-D I look forward to reading more!

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bluebell screams said...

Adorable pictures!

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Nesha said...

New follower from TAT. Your Father's Day pics are so precious!

Jessica said...

I'm a newbie too from TAT. Your girl's are SO adorable!!

Mama G said...

Happy Father's Day! P.S. Your hubby is cute :)

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