Monday, June 27, 2011

*Giveaway Time* (Local residents only)

I've been thinking of an idea for a giveaway for about a week now. Someone suggested I giveaway something I love. So, I thought, the 2 things I love the most is massage and being a mummy. So, here is what you'll get!

The Prize:

1 hour massage (by me!) at your home

I am a legitimate massage therapist. I've been practicing since 2004 and am fully insured with liability insurance. I am qualified to do prenatal massage if you happen to be pregnant.

The Rules:

You have to live in the Pittsburgh area (Butler is fine as well)
You have to be a mummy or a mummy to be. It doesn't matter if your kids are 50 years old, you're still a mummy!

Relatives are not eligible. Sorry.

To Enter:

Leave me a comment telling me something funny your child(ren) do. Or, just say why you'd want a massage!

Tell your local mummy friends about this contest on Facebook or Twitter! (extra entry, please make a different comment)

I'll leave this open until Sunday (7/3) and pick a winner on Monday the 4th. I'll be picking at random by

I want to hear some funny stories!


Mommy on the go! said...

Holy CRAP!!! I'm all over this!!!
Something funny that my son does....
Something funny that my son does....
Nothing insanely funny is striking I'm going to go with my B stringers...

I'm still in the process of cooking our little one #2. Her name will be Chloe and we had this wonderful idea to put both of our kiddos in the same room for a while. Since Matthew is going to have to move out of his crib (and maybe he already should, but I like that he can't just get out and wreck the joint), we have a twin bed ready for him in the room. I thought that the best way to get him used to the bed was to have it set up for a while so that he would get used to seeing it. I keep telling him that he is going to sleep in the big bed and Baby Chloe is going to sleep in his night night bed. For some reason, he has it in his mind that the twin bed is for Baby Chloe. So every night and every nap time, he says "No go night night Mommy. I sleep in Baby Chloe bed." And every single time he says that, I have an inner monologue going on in my head that says

"Hells to the yeah you're sleeping in baby Chloe's bed!!! If only you knew you silly little two year old."

zeliemom said...

Hi, I'm Jessica, mom of Lydia Paige(6 going to be 7 July 16) and Ella Victoria (2 going to be 3 August 13) summer babies here we come! My 6 year old has kind of grown out of pulling funny stunts, but my youngest is right in the midst of the funny comment/action stage!

One of the most recent (and most funny as deemed by my husband and myself) occurred in the family bathroom as I was getting ready for church.

Here it goes... As always, we're running late for church! I'm trying in vain to put myself together, as I have already bathed and dressed the kids in their Sunday best, and picked out my husbands Sunday best by answering his "does this match?" and "what do you think about this?" and "can I wear a black belt with brown shoes?" Not that we're fashioistas or anything, but he does need help! Anyway, after putting 3 people together it was my turn, and EVERYONE is in the bathroom with me as I am half-dressed and freaking out because we're going to be late! I answer my husband's question and he leaves (1 down 2 to go!), I fasten the clip in my 6 year old's hair (only 1 left now!) and that leaves little Ella (who has no reason to be in the bathroom besides that's where mommy is and she HAS to be with me 24/7). So, I turn to her and say "Hit the road Jack, mommy's trying to get ready" and she hangs her head and slumps out if the bathroom (I'm feeling guilty at this point) and as she's half-way down the hall I hear her say..."I no Jack! I baby Ella!!" At which point, my husband and I meet in the hallway laughing hysterically!

Still to this day (this was about 6months ago) anytime you say something like "sorry Charlie" or "ready Freddy" she says I not Charlie/Freddy I baby Ella!! It still makes us laugh! We were still late, but oh well it was worth it!

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