Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Birthday Dinner and Fort Building

Last week, I celebrated my 29th birthday. I'm going to enjoy my last year in my 20's. We decided to call the grandparents to watch the girls while we went out for a nice dinner. Since we skipped Russ's birthday dinner, this was for both of our birthdays. We decided on Springfield Grille, which was FABULOUS. Firstly, their special app was buffalo chicken dip. OMG seriously drooling thinking about how good this was. Then we had salad, I got a steak and crab cakes. For dessert I got a banana cheesecake. YUM. It was an awesome birthday dinner. We'll be going back there for sure!

Here are a couple photos from my birthday.



I also went out and bought Olivia a backpack for when she starts preschool on 9/12. I couldn't find anything small enough for a toddler, and what they did have was mainly boys themed things. I came across the Dora section of the toys and they had an actual Backpack backpack. It's even got a little Map in the side pocket. How cute! I bought it. She was so excited when I gave it to her, she had to wear it to bed that evening.



After dinner one night, I was mentioning to Russ about how Olivia is probably getting old enough to build forts in the living room. So, he went and got a bunch of sheets and blankets. He and Olivia built their first fort. She thought it was really cool. She brought in all kinds of toys and wanted to have a picnic in there with Alex and I. Alex was more interested in pulling the little blanket from the picnic out and eating it, which made Olivia mad. I had to explain to her that Alex is a baby and when she sees something she wants, she just grabs it. She doesn't have manners yet.


Olivia doing what she does best.... being a goofball. :)

So, we had a good last week. This week, I'm working, but Russ is off. I'm heading to the outlets on Thursday to get the girls fall clothes. SO exciting... I love shopping. Even when it's not for me.

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