Wednesday, August 17, 2011

On a Lighter Note

This is coming from someone who had Olivia in her crib from night 1 at home. She's only ever co-slept when she was a newborn and it was just easier to feed her when she woke up.

Alex is a whole new can of worms. She was in our room from the night she came home *due to not having a room of her own*. She slept with me when she was a newborn because she was so stuffed up and congested I had to prop her up so she could breathe.

Since we moved into our new place, I cannot get the girls to actually nap during nap time because someone (Olivia), likes to talk to her sister and keep her awake. It's best for both parties and ME if I separate them during nap time. Since Alex still isn't sleeping all night, I do like to catch a nap with her if I can.

I'll admit it. I love sleeping beside my little girl. She's so unbelievably cute, I can't stand it. Her little cheek is smooched because she sleeps on her belly. I enjoy waking up to her smiling at me and laughing.

Definitely makes my day brighter.

*I'll have to snap a picture someday with my phone*

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