Friday, September 16, 2011

8 Months

This is a couple of days late. Due to the large amounts of boogers that have been going on in my house, I haven't had time to sit and do a post.

Yep, both my girls have colds. Not only does poor Alex have a cold, she's also cutting her first tooth. It's so close to popping out and I know it's bothering her, but she's being a trooper and not as big a fuss-butt as her older sister was at the same age she got her first tooth.

My girl turned 8 months old on Tuesday. Seriously... I cannot believe its been 8 months. She's my little stinker bug. She's really becoming fun lately. She's got a big personality and she's always smiling or laughing.

She's definitely beefing up. In the past 2 months she's gained over 2lbs! She doesn't have an official weigh in until her 9 month check up, but I know she's over 17lbs from my scale at home. She's just fitting into 9 month clothes, which are still a little big on her right now. She's sitting up really well now on her own. We even put her in the big bath tub with Olivia tonight. Due to not having a non-skid tub, there was a lot of bum sliding on Alex's part. We'll stick to the whale tubby until she's bigger and less wobbly in the water.

She's working on crawling. She wants to move so badly. She can roll onto her belly and turn herself in 180 degree circles to get what she wants, but there is no forward movement yet. I predict it will be another month until she can actually crawl. Olivia crawled at 8.5 months. Alex has always been a half a month or so later than her big sister on milestones. *Which is fine by me, I want her to stay little for longer*

Obviously, no teeth yet. But, they're working their way on in. Oh, she'll look so freaking adorable with 2 bottom teeth! I love it.

I did the normal side by side comparison with the girls at the same age and this month it's amazing how much they look alike.  What do you think? Definitely sisters. :)

Olivia is on the left. Alex the right. 
Here are a couple other photos of Miss Alexandria on her 8 month birthday. 


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