Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 1: Shakeology Cleanse

I know I haven't been around much, but I'm doing a cleanse in order to rid my body of the nasties and hopefully break this 3 month plateau of no weight loss.

Basically, you drink 3 shakes a day. Plus fruit (I chose clematine and bananas), 1 small salad with fat free dressing, and green tea. Plus I'm drinking 16-32oz of water in between, can you say pee much?  You can read more about Shakeology here.

I weighed in this morning and I'm right where I've been for the past who knows how many months. I've been eating a diet of about 1300 calories a day and doing cardio at least every other day if not every day. I started at 173lbs, I'm down to 169lbs.

My hopes is to lose 3lbs from this cleanse and keep them off and continue to lose until I hit my goal weight.

These are the mini goals I've set for myself as well as my long term goal.

165lbs by Christmas
160lbs by Alex's 1st birthday (12lbs under pre-pregnancy weight)
155lbs by February 1st (my weight at my wedding in 2006)

Long term goal: 150lbs by March 1st (anything beyond that is fabulous, but 150lbs is a good and healthy weight for my 5'6" medium frame)

I don't have a TON of weight to take off, but it's enough to have to work hard to get there. I'll be keeping a log of every day of the cleanse and how much weight I'm losing.

If you're interested in trying the cleanse yourself, it's about $45 for 3 days plus you get the shaker included. You have to find yourself a Beachbody Coach in your area to get it. I don't think you can order it online.

Night Update:

Today was a little hard. Especially because I'm alone for most of the day/night because of Russ's schedule this week. I've gotten light headed a few times due to the limited calories I've taken in today. I added it all up and it's just under 1000 calories for the whole day. To me, that's insane. Also, most of the calories were all liquid. I also feel tired. Probably because I've had no caffeine today. I did stick to the cleanse diet, so I'm proud of myself for that. I only hope I can stick to it for another 2 days. I have so much to get done for Olivia's party this weekend and I'm not sure I can run all day on under 1000 calories. I'm gonna try though, but if I get light headed again like I did today, I'm going to have to eat.

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