Wednesday, May 26, 2010

6 Weeks

How far along? 6 weeks 1 day

Total weight gain/loss: Still holding steady.

Maternity clothes? I did wear a pair of capris I had, but they were entirely too big.

Stretch marks? Same.

Sleep: zzzzzzzzz

Best moment this week: Not tossing my cookies.

Movement: Nope.

Food cravings: Nothing. I eat whenever I don't feel like throwing up.

Gender: Chinese Gender chart shows I'm having a boy. Others say girl. Gee, 50/50. :)

Labor Signs: No

Belly Button in or out? In

What I miss: Feeling good.

What I am looking forward to: Feeling normal again.

This week the dreaded morning sickness AKA All Day Feeling Like Shit sickness hit me. I feel nauseous all day for the most part. Even my handy Sea Bands are helping much. I'm so tired that by the time Russ gets home, all I want to do it lay on the couch and sleep.

This is so much harder this time. Having an almost 18 month old is hard being in the 1st trimester. It doesn't help that this week out other car is in the shop so Russ had to take my car to work everyday, so we've been home without a car. It's unhumanly hot outside for May and the heat makes me even more nauseous.

I just feel so bad.

Can't wait til this is over. Crossing my fingers that it'll only be a couple more weeks.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

....and the sickness has begun

Yesterday I was feeling crappy. Today, even worse.

I'm guessing those lovely pregnancy hormones are kicking into gear.

I'm not really sure when I started feeling bad with Olivia. I'm thinking around the same time actually. I hope its not for too long.

I had sold my old Sea Bands in the garage sale we had last summer. I'm not sure why, because I knew I'd get pregnant again. Anyways, Russ picked me up a new pair and I've been feeling a little less nausous.

My sense of smell is almost super human. I can smell the raisin bagels in the kitchen from the living room. This is both a good thing and bad. I love sweet smelling things. I can also smell the bad things too. Blech.

Needless to say, I've felt pretty terrible most of the weekend. We got out yesterday to go to a graduation party at the park. It rained and rained and rained some more. It was still nice to get out and eat some delish (but unhealthy) foods. We got some really good pictures of Olivia with her uncle and grandpa.

Enjoy. :)

6 week update coming tomorrow!




Friday, May 21, 2010


It's been a couple of days.

I've been feeling like poo.

Tired. Can't sleep. Even more tired.

Lovely upset tummy every time I eat.

I did go and buy a pregnancy journal. I didn't keep one with Olivia, so I wanted to for this pregnancy. This will be the last. The last I ever experience having to pee all the time. Oh wait, I think that happens when you get old too. But, I wanted to try and 'enjoy' this while I can. I was not the glowing "I LOVE being pregnant" lady last time. In fact, I was pretty much ready to throw in the towel at 20 weeks. I had the joy of having pelvic issues. I was as big as a house by the end. Maybe it'll be different this time.

For now, I feel like poo. At least I'm not throwing up. *knock on wood*

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

They need to make these things uniform!

You'd think that all due date calculators would be all the same, but they aren't. I've gotten 3 different EDD's from different sites. All going by my LMP, which was April 13th. I guess I'll have to wait and see what my doctors "official" date is. Doesn't mean poo though. My EDD came and went with Olivia. 9 days later, she finally showed up. This time around, I'm already preparing myself for having a late arriving baby.

Every Tuesday, I'm going to do a Pregnancy Update because that's the day (according to a few sites, I'm due January 18th, so I'm going by that) I'll be starting a new week. I didn't do this with Olivia, so I thought it'd be fun to do this time around.


How far along? 5 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: Nothing yet.

Maternity clothes? Nope, but is it sad I'm kinda looking forward to busting out my stash? :)

Stretch marks? Uh, leftovers from Olivia, but no new ones.

Sleep: I'm tired most of the day and I'm having insomnia at night. Stinks. :(

Best moment this week: I took a 2 hour nap!

Movement: Nope.

Food cravings: Nothing yet. I did however eat jalapeno peppers today, which I hate. Weird.

Gender: I have no inklings about the gender yet.

Labor Signs: No

Belly Button in or out? In

What I miss: Sleeping good and not having to pee all the time.

What I am looking forward to: my 1st appointment on June 11th.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mommy and Me Monday #12

Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?
Hosted by Krystyn

This weekend, Russ went to a fairly large neighborhood yard sale. He came home with 3 new DVD's, Elmo pj's, and a Bell child carrier. Of course all of this was for Olivia. Russ hooked it up on my bike and we decided to see if she even liked being on the back while I was riding. She didn't have a helmet, so don't panic and think I drove around the road with her. :)


She ended up saying "Down, Down" almost the entire time. Oh well, after we get a helmet for her, I'm going to take her to North Park and cycle around the lake and see if she enjoys it more. That carrier is like $80 new, and Russ found it for $5! Even if she doesn't like it, it wasn't a waste.

Today, we went to get Olivia's hair cut. Her hair grows so fast, I'm constantly trying to trim her bangs to keep them out of her face. She was starting to look like a Beatle from the 60's. :) She did really well. I kept her occupied with a roast beef sammich from Arby's. She'll never turn down food.


Here is a cute picture of her eating sand. Oh the joys of motherhood.


Just for fun, here is a picture of the 4 week belly. Not much going on except left over baby chub from Olivia. :)


Friday, May 14, 2010

It's been almost a week since I got my BFP and it still doesn't seem real. I can't remember how I felt around this time with my pregnancy with Olivia. Maybe because I found out early? I'm officially 3 days late with my period. Yeah, that's exciting news, I know.

I've been having horrible insomnia. I wake up in the middle of the night and cannot fall back asleep. I'm not sure if its hormone related, or if its just my mind running. I woke up last night about 2:30am and couldn't fall back asleep until 5:30am. I tried to sleep in, but Miss Olivia opened my bedroom door and came in to say 'Hi'.

Ever since I was pregnant with OK, my body temperature runs higher. I'm constantly on the warm side. We have A/C and it was kinda humid here yesterday. I ended up turning it on because I was hot. Blah. It's amazing how different your body acts after it's been knocked up. I'm wondering if this pregnancy will be like the last. So far, it's pretty much the same. The only symptoms I've had are going to the bathroom 2x in the middle of the night and some abdominal cramping (which is why I thought I WASN'T pregnant with Olivia... it mimics period cramps)

I made my first prenatal appointment with my OB office. It's scheduled for June 11th, when I'm a little over 8 weeks. I also made Olivia's 18 month appointment for the same week on June 8th. I'll been at work so Russ is going to take her.

Wow, this post is really about nothing. I guess I'll end this now. :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I worked Monday, Tuesday and this evening. It was a busy couple of days. I don't know why, but everyone and their mother wanted a massage this week. Good thing I'm not in the 'walking zombie' part of my pregnancy yet. Although, that will be starting in just a few weeks. I'm not sure when exactly it started last time, but it was horrible. I slept at least 16+ hours a day. I would wake up, go to work, sleep during any downtime I may have had. Come home, take a nap. Eat dinner. Fall asleep on the couch watching my shows. Go to bed. I really missed 8 weeks of my life. LOL I wont get the luxury of napping this time. I will take full advantage of Olivia's naps though. :)

Speaking of Olivia, she turned 17 months on the 8th. Because of working, and Russ being home, and Mother's Day, I didn't even post a monthly update. Poor girl. She's learning SO fast. She tries to sing along to Dora the Explorer and Spongebob. She can fully say 'mummy' and 'daddy'. She learned how to open the front door. Oi.
Next month I have to take her for her 18 month check up. I cannot believe she'll be 1.5 years old. Where has the time gone?

Here are some pictures from the past week. I found a Powerwheels on Craigs List for $25! It's a Dora Beetle. She LOVES it. She won't push the pedal, but she loves sitting in that thing. She'll even bring her breakfast in there and eat. Too cute.


Her "new" sandbox. CL find for $10!! :D

My daughter takes after her daddy.

LOVES spaghetti


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pregnancy + Internet = Bad Idea

I did this when I was pregnant with Olivia as well. I get on a Birth Month board and chat with other ladies due in the same month as I am. Then the inevitable post come up about miscarriages and chemical pregnancies.

I hate Google.

I didn't even know what a chemical pregnancy is.

I Googled it.

Damn you Google.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mommy and Me Monday #11

Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?
Hosted by Krystyn

Happy Belated Mother's Day to all my fellow mothers and mother's to be. Even those who are mother's to furbabies. :)

I had a wonderful Mother's Day. It's officially my 2nd one. I got banana pancakes, bacon and orange juice made for me for breakfast. We went to lunch at Panara Bread. I LOVE that place. They have the best soup! We visited a couple of family members. Came home and relaxed. Russ made steak, potatoes and green beans for dinner. It was wonderful.

Olivia got me a cute Mother's Day set from Bath and Body Works. It's in the scent Sweet Pea. It came with a cute frame which had one of her recent pictures in it. Plus, I have a facial tomorrow @ 6:00! How wonderful! Olivia and Daddy did good.

Here is a picture of Olivia and I playing "Cakie", which is Paddy Cake. When she wants to play, she'll climb up on me and say "cakie?" It's so cute. I can't resist that face.

The BEST part of the day was when I got this:

What an awesome Mother's Day gift. We're so excited to be adding to our family. I'm due in January, so Olivia will be just over 2 years old when this baby is born. She will be a GREAT big sister. :)

How was your Mother's Day?

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I haven't been around. It's my working week and I just don't feel like sitting down and typing up a post after work most days. I'm also really bogged down lately. I'm so sleepy during the day, and nothing will pick me up.

I did get a fun thing in the mail yesterday though. Did anyone else receive a Sample Showcase from the Post Office? I got this box in the mail and I was like "Whats this?" I ripped it open and its got tons of sample and coupons in it! Hooray! I love samples and coupons!
I guess its this new thing they are starting up. Only a few people across the country have gotten one first. Then I guess they'll see how it did and go from there. I was one of the people! Here is what I got:

  • Bengay- Moist Heat Therapy pad thingy
  • Reese's Dark Chocolate (YUM)
  • Dove Milk Chocolate
  • Grill Mates marinate
  • Shower to Shower Sport
  • Shower to Shower Shimmer Effects
  • Aveeno night cream
  • Aveeno shampoo and conditioner
  • Aveeno firming body lotion
  • Secret Clinical deodorant
  • Splenda with fiber
  • and coupons for Aveeno and Splenda
How cool is that??? I was so excited, but I had to go to work so I looked through it when I came home. I love free stuff!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Goose Droppings

See that little link over there? I've become an affiliate with Franklin Goose. I came across it on Facebook when a friend of mine said they were giving $5 in store credit with every product review you submitted. WOW! Really? I went on thinking I wouldn't find much because I'm not a cloth diapering mumma. But I did find a lot of things I have used and so I reviewed them and got over $100 in credit. I got some awesome free stuff too! I banked the rest of my credit and I'll be purchasing some things for baby #2 eventually.

So, check it out.

BTW, they DON'T have that special going on anymore. It ended March 31st. :(

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mommy and Me Monday #10

Wow. I've been doing this cute meme for 10 weeks! Go me. :) I posted about my amazing park find, so here is a picture from the park.


Play along @
Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?
Hosted by Krystyn


I told you I joined The Grocery Game last week. This week, I clipped my coupons and looked at the lists of placed in my area. I didn't want to do my food shopping because I have Olivia with me all day. Grocery shopping + Olivia = FAIL I've learned my lesson and now I go alone. Instead we hit up Walgreens because I only had a couple of things on my list and Olivia is alright for 20 minutes in the cart. Here is what I got:

  • 2 Old Spice deodorants (different scents)
  • 2 Old Spice body washes (different scents)
  • 2 Gillette body washes (different scents)
  • 1 Sure deodorant
  • 1 Pert Plus for Men
  • 1 4 pack of Bic Razors
My total was somewhere around $34 before coupons, after I paid under $17! Wow. My hubby will be clean, shaven and smelling good for a few months! My savings was $33! That is awesome. I'm so happy my cousin told me about this site. It's a heck of a lot easier when you have a list of what to buy to get THE best price! If you want to join because of me, PLEASE shoot me a message and I'll give you my name for a referral.

I'll make another post about how I did with food shopping tomorrow. I know you're all excited. :P
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