Monday, February 28, 2011

Mommy and Me Monday

It's been a long time since I've done a Mommy and Me Monday post. This is Alex and I hanging out together on the couch watching the Oscars. :)

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Baby.... no longer a baby. :(

This weekend we've been overhauling Olivia's room. I ordered her a new bedroom set off JCPenney's website. It was 50% off to begin with, then I found a 15% off code online and I got the entire set (twin bed, dresser/mirror, and nightstand) for just about $630. I saved over $1000 on it. Score.

Anyways, it was shipped to the store and ready for pick up on Thursday. Russ went and picked up my dad's truck, went to the store, picked up the furniture, then went to Mattress Discounters to get a twin mattress set. Long story short, it was just the 2 of us and I'm very sore from hauling boxes and her nursery furniture down our flight of steps. I probably shouldn't have be doing all that lifting being only 6 weeks postpartum after a c-section, but, we had no other choice.

We finally got everything put together and cleaned up yesterday. Don't ask me about our room, that's a complete disaster area. (Alex sleeps in our room, so Olivia's crib is being moved to there) She loves her new room. She's doing very well sleeping in such a huge bed. I went in to check on her (like I always do) last night before I went to sleep. I remember when she was a baby, looking in on her in her crib and thinking she looked so tiny in such a big area. Now, its the same thing. She looks so tiny in her twin bed. My baby is no longer a baby.

Here are some pictures of her new room. I cannot wait to buy a house so I can paint and decorate like I want. Renting sucks.

Friday, February 18, 2011

5 years and 2 kids later....

Today was our 5 year wedding anniversary. It's weird to think that 5 years ago it was just us two and we were living it up in Las Vegas.

Now we've got 2 beautiful girls. :)

Today was pretty low-key. It was beautiful outside (a little windy, but I'll take it) so we decided to take the girls out for a walk. Russ pulled Olivia in the wagon, which she only stayed in for about 5 minutes and wanted to walk on her own. I wore Alex in the Ergo and she was nice and toasty and was sleeping the entire time. It was nice to enjoy the weather while we can as a family. I remember the last time we took a walk, it was just Olivia and she wasn't even 2 years old yet. She's becoming such a big girl lately.

After we came in, we cleaned up a bit. Russ's parent's came over to watch the girls while we went out to dinner. I actually got dressed up, put make up on, and wore my contacts for tonight. I actually felt like a normal 28 year old. :) We went to Willow, which was our first time going there. It was so cozy and dim-lit. The food was delicious. I got a strip steak with a horseradish crust, with some sort of potato/onion thing. Dessert was yummy as well. Chocolate molten cake with cinnamon ice cream. After that, we headed over to Target to pick up stuff for breakfast. We were dressed up, so that was funny.

Came home and got Olivia to bed and we watched the movie The Fourth Kind. It was alright. I don't believe it was real though.

That was our day. Pretty nice if you ask me. Oh, and I got some cute Tiffany earrings. I've been looking at them for awhile now and Russ remembered. I guess I'll keep him around. :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

1 Month

It's been 1 month since Alex was born. I can't say it's been a piece of cake, but it's a lot easier than I thought it would be taking care of 2 children alone. Sure, I'm more tired than normal, but I was way more exhausted while I was pregnant taking care of a toddler. Plus, I can almost always take a 2 hour nap when Olivia goes down, if Miss Alex is nice enough to be sleeping at the same time.

Before Alex was born, I was so afraid I would miss my time alone with Olivia. I even cried a little in those last few weeks. It was no longer going to be just me and my little peanut anymore. While I don't get as much time to spend one on one with her, I can't imagine my life without both of them. I love having 2 daughters. I cannot wait until Alex is older and I can see them both interact with each other.

Alex has her 1 month check up tomorrow morning. I'll edit this post with her stats. I hope she's gaining enough weight. She's eating about 3-4oz every 2-3 hours. She's still only giving me about 4-5 hour stretches of sleep a night. I started Olivia on a bedtime schedule around 6 weeks old. She was sleeping through the night by 2 months old. However, Olivia was also a pound more at birth than Alex. I really do think weight has a lot to do with STTN. Bigger babies seem to sleep longer. It's just very different having such a tiny little girl. Olivia was 11lbs at a month old. 11 POUNDS! I think Alex is probably around 8.5lbs or so. I don't think Alex is going to be the chubby baby that Olivia was.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Comparison - C vs V

I've had a lot of people ask me questions about how my deliveries compared to each other. So, here are my opinions on both types of deliveries.

PROS: Vaginal birth

-Instant bonding with baby
-Shorter recovery
-Less restricted postpartum
-epidural is fan-tabulous


-Contractions are painful
-Being overdue sucks
-Feeling like your vagina is falling out is not fun
-Pushing for an hour is exhausting
-Bleeding postpartum is like a horror film

PROS: C-section

-Date of eviction is set
-Very quick and painless *It was about 10 minutes before she was born*
-Spinal is awesome and kind of strange at the same time
-Postpartum bleeding is SO much better than vaginal
-Lady bits are still intact


-It's surgery. Period.
-Longer recovery
-Very impersonal for momma and baby
-Shaking is HORRIBLE from spinal wearing off

I actually couldn't tell you if I would rather do it again c/s or vaginally. They seemed pretty evened out for me. I had good experiences both times, so I know people have varying opinions. As for the one I enjoyed more, I'd have to say my experience with Olivia was just awesome. It sucked being overdue, but I enjoyed it a lot more. Maybe because it was my first baby? Alex's birth was just very "medical". I didn't get to see her until she was all cleaned up and swaddled. Then after I was wheeled into recovery, I could barely hold her because I was shaking so badly from the spinal wearing off.

Sorry for the abrupt ending. I wrote this out a couple nights ago and apparently forgot to finish what I was thinking about. I'm blaming lack of sleep. :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

My life as a mummy of 2 is going pretty good. I actually have a harder time with Olivia than the baby. She's a handful. Let me tell you what she's gotten into just in the past couple of days.

-She pulled stuffing out of one of the cushions on the dining room chair, then proceeded to eat a piece and told me she ate a fuzzy

-She's colored over nearly every wall in this apartment. Thank goodness for washable crayons. *I've already banned markers, no way in crap I'm cleaning that up ALL THE TIME*

-Taken and eaten 2 of my chapsticks *not the whole thing, but still, WHATS WRONG WITH MY CHILD?!*

-Stole her flipping $8 eczema cream and proceeded to "lotion up" her bear, hair, and feet.

-Decided it would be fun to play in the cat liter *thankfully it was the clean, non-poo'd on stuff*

I'm seriously considering building a padded room to put her in. That's legal, right? :)

But, in all seriousness, I love my girls. I'm so happy that my little family is complete.

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