Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Go Away Old Man Winter

Its been snowing off and on for 2 weeks now. I'm so tired of seeing the white stuff. Blah.

Our tax return came to us on 2/12 and we did quite a bit of big purchasing since then. We got our camera, which is a Nikon D5000. Russ found a deal at Best Buy for the camera, extra lens, and case for cheaper than what we would have got it for at Costco. Score! I LOVE this camera. Even though I don't have much knowledge about this camera, I've been able to take some awesome pictures.

You'll see:
My Snow Bunny

We also got a new computer. We ended up getting a new MacBook. Its the cheapest of the Apple computers and it works good for us for what we need it for. LOVE it too. Although, the camera is more exciting to play with. :)

Olivia also got a new toy. I bought her the Laugh and Learn lawn mower. So cute.

Tomorrow is our anniversary. 4 years ago today we were in Las Vegas running around trying to get our marriage license to the chapel in time for the 2pm deadline. Our wedding was the next day. :) We're heading to The Melting Pot for dinner tomorrow. Russ's mother is coming to watch her for the evening. I'm really excited about this place. I love chocolate and bananas. :)


MamaMonki said...

Happy Anniversary!! You're right the camara does terrific pics - of course you've got an adorable model too. Enjoy your date tomorrow.

kristy said...

I'd love to get a camera, keep us updated on how you like yours so if i ever get one i'll have some idea of what to buy! We spent most of our tax return paying off debt - it's nice to be close to debt free with our new little addition here. (:

I changed the url of my blog from to

It's the same blog but the updates won't show for you until you follow my new url. Thanks!! (:

Michelle Cranford said...

Hope you like Melting Pot. We always enjoy it. Happy Anniversary!

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