Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Really Mother Nature???? REALLY?

It's snowing again. No, wait, its freezing rain. Oh, no, wait, its snowing again. Make up your mind please. I'm trying very hard to be patient in waiting for April to come. Sometimes, even in March we get 1 or 2 nice sunny days that hit over 50. Just wait, I'll be bitching about the 90 degree weather in August. :)

In other, non weather related news, Olivia is becoming a little girl in front of my eyes. Its kind of like when all of the sudden she no longer looked like a newborn and more like a baby. Newborns are kind of weird looking in the beginning. At least OK did. She had crusty hands and feet from being over-cooked. Crusty eyes and her movements were more like a robot than a human. I wake up every morning to her talking to herself, or the stuffed animal who happens to be in bed with her at the time. The other morning, I went in and she no longer looked like a baby to me. She was my little 14 month old girl standing there waiting for her mum to pick her up and give her a kiss good morning. It makes me sad, but at the same time, I love watching her grow and learn new things.

New things learned this week:
  • She picked up a fry at dinner last night with my in laws and she actually DIPPED it in ketchup.. when did she learn this?? I don't know but its was fascinating to watch. She had the coordination to do it.
  • I asked her where her baby was the other night. She went over to her toy box, picked her baby doll up, walked over to me and handed me baby. Coolest thing ever!
  • She'll take my car keys, walk up to the front door and put the keys near the door knob.
  • Today, she got down from the couch legs first. I've been trying to teach her that one for awhile. Going face first isn't much fun.
  • She can climb up onto out bed. Its easy for her because we have a ledge and its pretty low, but still... she climbed!
  • I heard her say "ug" after I asked her to give her bear a "hug"
She amazes me everyday. She also tests my sanity on a daily basis. She's very clingy to us. If she's tired/cranky, every time she falls on her bum, she screams like she broke her leg. So, our daily life consists of Olivia being crabby 75% of the day. The other 25% is Olivia being happy and cute. Like I said... testing of my sanity.

I'm looking forward to getting our new camera. If there is anything learned in having a child, a point and click camera just doesn't cut it when they become mobile. I cant tell you the last time I got a good shot of her. She moves too much anymore. She doesn't want to 'smile for the camera' anymore. Can't wait to get it and see if I can finally get some good shots of my beauty. This is one of my favorites from the past year. It was her 9 month birthday.


MamaMonki said...

I saw you guys were getting hit by the weather again. We were really lucky and it didn't hit us as hard. (Although I don't think I would mind a little more snow - emphasis on the little)

I know exactly what you mean about growing and changing before your eyes. It seems like daily I notice something new that David can do that he didn't used to do. Part of me wants to slow him down - and part of me is in awe as he becomes his own little person.

Heather said...

So Amy, I'm going to try really hard to follow you over here, lol. I have you bookmarked and if there is a way to "subscribe" please let me know.

Anyway... Lily is totally at that, wow, she's definitely not an infant anymore phase for me. Still a baby but everyday I see my "baby" being more and more a "big girl." You know how it is, going to the new car seat, starting to become mobile. And she's making Mmmm sounds. I know, "ma-ma" is going to spit out of her any minute and I think it may just melt my heart. Can we get these girls to stop growing? Maybe we'll freeze them in all that PA snow? =)

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