Monday, June 13, 2011


Yesterday was the annual USW Local picnic at Idlewild park. We went last year when Olivia was 18 months, she did alright, but this year was a lot better. She was able to go all day without a nap and didn't throw a fit. She went on more rides and was able to sit in the stroller while they were doing door prizes.

Alex stayed home with Gramma and Pappy. She'll be old enough to go with us next year. Here are some cute pictures of the day.

The day started out yucky with rain

But, it stopped shortly after and we were happy again!

Her favorite ride! She wanted to go back on all day.

Cute picture dispite my terrible hair-do

On the train with daddy

The Whip! My favorite ride as a kid

On Mr Roger's Neighborhood trolly ride

On the Merry Go Round

We had such a fun day. Exhausting, but so much fun. :)

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MamaMonki said...

She's growing so fast. Adorable pics!

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