Thursday, July 21, 2011

Heat Wave

It's been really hot the past couple of day here in Pittsburgh. I like summer, I don't mind when its in the 80's, but when it climbs to 90 and above, it starts getting a bit uncomfortable to go outside and enjoy the weather.

The past 3 days its been over 90 with a heat index of 105 degrees. Our a/c has no shut off for going on 2 days. We live on the 2nd floor and our unit faces the sun. I close all the blinds/curtains but it doesn't help at all. Right now, its 83 degrees in here WITH the a/c on. I'm definitely grateful to have a/c on days like this though. I cannot imagine not having it.

Last night, I put a onesie on Alex to bed so she'd be more comfortable and she still woke up all sweaty. Olivia's room is always cold, so shorts/tee shirt is fine for her.

I love the sun shine and nice weather, but I've always been a fan of fall. Unfortunately, our fall is about 2 weeks and then it gets cold and snowy.

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