Saturday, July 2, 2011

Management: I Hate You

Long story short:

End of May we couldn't find a house we liked enough to buy, so we decided to look around for a bigger apartment/house to rent for 1 or 2 years until we were ready to look again. Our complex is huge, like 600 units over a large amount of land. They have a bigger apartment available so we called to see if one was opening up on the bottom level so that Olivia and Alex could just go straight out into the grassy area to play whenever they wanted. (when Alex is walking of course) The leasing agent we were working with said there is on available come the 2nd week in August. Sweet!

Fast forward to this past week. Russ called to make sure everything was still on for our move. The leasing agent said she was mistaken and there was no bottom level unit available, but there was an entry level one. She said it had a balcony exactly like ours. So, after talking it over, we figured it wouldn't be that bad to move into an entry level. We stopped by the building on the way home last night and THERE ARE NO BALCONIES on any of the buildings. How incompetent is this lady? She's given us false information 3 different times. So, now we have 3 weeks until our lease expires. Russ is livid and is demanding something be done. It's the holiday weekend so there isn't anyone that can do anything over the weekend.

So, we wait.

I hate our management.

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