Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More Adventures in Potty Training *Poop Talk*

Miss Olivia has been in undies full time for going on 3 weeks now. She's been doing great....sorta. She's still hesitant to poop on the potty, but she will if she can't hold it anymore.

The other day, while I was getting things ready to go out to a friend's house for dinner, she came running in and said "Mummy, I pooped." Ugh. Normally, if she poops in her undies, its not a big deal because she's got pretty formed poo. Not this time. OMG. Think peanut butter. I was NOT going to try and save those undies so I stripped her down, pitched the PB poo undies and got her dressed again. I'm really O-V-E-R cleaning up toddler poop. It's disgusting.

Also, while we were over at said friend's house, Alex decided to poo all up her back getting it on her legs, back, outfit and changing pad.

Needless to say, Monday I was knee deep in crap.

Overall, she's doing very well. She's been waking up dry every morning and peeing as soon as she wakes up (fighting me about it because she wants her milk/cereal). I haven't put a diaper on her during naps and she's not had an accident yet.

We're getting there..... thank goodness.

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