Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kid Free Zones

Lately, there has been a Kid-Free movement going on throughout our country. Meaning that if you have a child under the age of 6 (this can change from place to place), you cannot dine, shop, or vacation at their establishment.

Here is my 2 cents on the subject...

While I love my children dearly, I do agree with some of these "kid-free" zones. I remember before we had kids, we'd be out to dinner or to a movie and the obnoxious 5 year old across from us was throwing their food, having a tantrum, or running around the table. It was maddening. I came to enjoy the night out with my hubby, not to listen to your annoying kid.

Flash forward to after I became a mother. I still think other people's kids are annoying. For instance, I went to Target today to run in and pick up a few things for our upcoming move. I stopped in the baby section to see the new things coming out for fall. There were 2 grown women and 5 kids ranging in age of 3 to about 10. They were so loud, it was hard not to look over and give a side eye. The 3 year old was carrying on and her mother was threatening her with a Time Out or "I'll smack you right on your face!" The other kids were running around the department annoying the other customers. Seriously, can you not control your children? *No, I don't think kids should be banned from Target, that's Olivia and I's favorite place to go for popcorn*

I will be the first to say that my children are not perfect, and they can act up in public occasionally. *Alex is exempt because she's a baby and doesn't know any better* But, if Olivia is acting up, whining, crying about not getting this or that, etc, etc. You better believe we're leaving the store right then and there. Period. If we happen to be out at a restaurant and she acts out, Russ or I will take her outside until she calms down. I'll probably jinx myself, but we've been very lucky in the behavior in public places area. Olivia is a pretty well behaved little lady when we're out.....being at home is a completely different story.

I got off track for a moment. My basic feelings for this kid ban is that it's a good thing. If I want to go to a nice place for my anniversary, I definitely will not be taking my kids with us. The whole point is to enjoy being ALONE and having some some darn piece and quiet for the evening. I don't want to be around other people's kids. Therefore, I would chose a place that is more upscale and not kid-friendly. Same thing goes for adult only vacations. If we're taking the kids, we'll be going to kid-oriented things like Sesame Place or Disney World. I wouldn't take my kids to a tropical island with frilly drinks with little umbrella in them. However, I don't agree with banning children from grocery stores. I mean, really...more than half of the people who go shopping are stay at home moms.... which means, they have to take their kids. I personally leave the kiddos at home with Russ if I'm going full grocery shopping only because I can get it done faster. But, if we're out and we need a few things, they're coming with me!

Seriously though, you should not be taking your little kids out to a nice restaurant. We're not talking McDonald's or Olive Garden either.

I'm not a snob, nor am I a hater of children *ok, some peoples' kids get on my nerves*, but when I finally (maybe 1 or 2 days a month) get to have some adult time, I'd like it to be just that.... adult.

What are your feelings? Would you not go to an establishment because they have a kid-free policy?

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