Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Start of Teething Hell

I hate teething.

Olivia started teething at 6 months old and her first tooth didn't break through until the day after her 8 month-day. This was the start of the hellish ride called Teething. My poor baby had such a hard time getting her teeth in. It would be painful from beginning to end for her. Those stupid buggers would take a week or more to come in fully, then by the time she was done with one, another one would pop out. Thankfully, after she got her first 4, she seemed to get "used" to it, and getting a tooth wasn't nearly as traumatic for her. Not to say there weren't middle of the night crying/screaming from teeth after that though. She finally got her last 2nd molar this past winter. THANK GOODNESS she's done!

But, now.... Alex is starting this exciting, yet painful journey. Since around 2 months old, her mouth became like a runny faucet of drool. She likes to chomp down on anything that is soft. I thought.. "Hmmm, maybe she's going to be an early teether." I also thought.. "She's handling this pretty well if she's teething."

Yeah. Until last night. She went to bed like normal. Around midnight, she woke up screaming. I went in and scooped her up wondering why she was screaming. I thought maybe she might be hungry, so I gave her a bottle, that she sucked down, and put her back to bed. 30 minutes later, she screaming. This time, she's screaming like she's in pain. I tried putting her paci back in and putting on Violet, this only made it worse and she was screaming louder. She was so upset that she was just a mess. She did manage to fall asleep for another half hour after I calmed her down, but woke up crying again. I finally gave in and gave her Infant Motrin and some Ora-gel. She then fussed and wanted to eat AGAIN. So, after feeding her, she fell asleep. This was 3:30am.

In the meantime, she woke Olivia up from screaming so much.

It was a looonnngg night.

I can only hope/wish that getting teeth will be easier for Alex than it was for Olivia.

They sure are cute with just 2 teeth though. :)

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