Monday, September 12, 2011

School Days

Today was Olivia's first day of her Great Start program. It's only for 2 year olds and it's a very small class. She's got 2 other girls and 1 boy. She's actually not the oldest, but the 2nd oldest. There are 2 December babies though. She'll go every Monday and Wednesday until June, for 2 hours a day.

She did awesome. She actually didn't even care that she was leaving me, she just waved and went in line up the steps with the teachers. Alex and I ran some errands and before I knew it I had to drive back and pick her up.

They made a picture with cut out kids from magazines in a schoolhouse with all their names on it. She pasted them on. They also read a Spot the Dog book, so they did a Bingo Dotter art page of a dog, but those are being hung in their classroom. They had a snack of Cheez Its and apple juice. They also played outside because it was a beautiful day. Her teachers said all of them did great and they're a great bunch!

She had to tell me about the pony she was playing with and that he was sleeping in the toy box and she would be able to play with him when she goes back on Wednesday. So cute! She said she had fun and she wants to go back. Hooray!

Alex was pretty happy to have some peace and quiet without her sister around. :)

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