Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Big Girl

It's a working week for me, so I forgot about posting Olivia's 15 month update. She turned 15 months on Monday (8th). I went in late to work so I could take her to her doctor's appointment in the morning.

She did very well. Except when it came time for her shots. The nurse suggested she get the shots in her arm now that she's walking. *This AFTER the fact that I put her shirt back on* I figured she's probably has a good point so, off the shirt went.

1st shot... not even a flinch.
2nd....the "What was that? Ouch!" look.
3rd...."What the hell are you doing to me Mummy? Was I bad?"
Then she had to get her toe pricked for a hemoglobin test she should have gotten at 12 months. Thats when the boogies, drool, and tears were just a free for all. Poor thing. :(
Thankfully, her next appt (18 months) she'll only have to get 1 Hep A booster. Then she's done til she's 2, I believe.

Her 15 month stats:

Height: 32.5" (96%tile)
Weight: 25.8lbs (85th)
Head: 46.4cms (68th)

I'd say she's pretty well proportioned. :)


MamaMonki said...

Doesn't that what are you doing to me mommy look just break your heart. Shots are just as hard on mommy as they are on baby.

babyandsofia said...

Oh those shots are so hard. I cried and cried in the pediatrician's office during Paolo's first round of shots. I didn't expect to, but as soon as his little face scrunched up, the water works turned on. It was awful. The second time wasn't as bad.

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