Sunday, April 18, 2010

I Got Mail!


A couple of weeks ago, I got into a Spring Swap. I had much fun shopping for my swap partner April @ 2Slicks Good Times. I was away on vacation since Tuesday, so when I got home, I had a package waiting for me in the doorway! I got some super cute things and also some yummy things. Here are some pictures of the loot!

The letter when I opened up the box. You can click it to make it bigger to read.

The loot!

Popcorn, cute popcorn boxes and cotton candy

Flip flops, seeds, and stationary

Cute mug and frozen popcicle makers

I loved doing this and I hope to do it again! Thank you so much for the awesome stuff, April! P.S. I <3 Target. There is one across the street from me and I swear I'm there at least 2 times a week. :)


shortmama said...

I would totally love to steal that mug!

April E. :) said...

YEAH!!! I am so glad you liked your stuff, I loved mine as well!!!! It was a blast!!

Angel said...

you got some great stuff!! I am now craving oj pops... used to make them when I was little, might have to go to the store and find some pop makers!

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