Friday, April 30, 2010

I *heart* new parks.

One of my favorite things to do since Olivia was born is take her to the park. *OK, well, since last summer anyways* We live literally right down the road from a HUGE park. I love it there but it's always nice to find a new place to play. Today we went to a new park. It's a little further away from us, but only by 15 minutes. It's well worth the drive though. They have a fenced in part called the Blueberry Patch. It's got smaller playground equipment for toddlers and preschoolers. Swings and such. THE best part is that it's ALL fenced in. I no longer have to chase after my child when she goes near the parking lot or road. Olivia's favorite part was the huge sandbox. It's all under cover so you don't have to worry about the sun beating down on tender young skin. There are tons of trucks, rakes, shovels, etc in the box too. No need to bring your own! I'm in love. I have a feeling we'll be driving the extra 15 minutes to go there this summer.

Also, its got this gorgeous gazebo with lots of picnic tables to have lunch at. If only they had a little snack bar. I'd be in heaven. :) We took a bunch of pictures, but here are 2 of my favorite.


She was really excited about the sand

My attempt of a Mummy and Olivia picture


Life with Pog & FLeC said...

Great photos, as always! :) (I am having such problems uploading my photos via Blogger. Do you put yours on Picasa first?)

Courtney said...

Love the pictures.

MamaMonki said...

She and WeeMan would get along great. His new favorite thing is playing in the sand box. Can't wait to see him at the beach this summer.

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