Thursday, April 8, 2010


Normally, my stress level is elevated by Olivia throwing tantrums or whining about not getting what she wants. Today, it was all about my husband. It started last night when I went to bed. He was snoring, I was hot and uncomfortable, resulting in me not getting much sleep. I wake up to Olivia and we have breakfast, I get a shower, and I get her ready for our play date. Where the EFF is the diaper bag? I searched every room. We needed to get out the door to get going to be on time! I finally just thought he left it in the car, so I hauled Olivia, her drink, a snack, a toy for the car ride, my wallet, cell phone, and the camera bag down to the car. Where the EFF is the DAMN diaper bag? I finally called and asked.. "Ohh, I left it at my mom's." Gee, thanks for telling me!

I had a wonderful day. We went to the park and played with other kiddies and I got to talk to other moms. I dropped Olivia off at her grandparents (where said diaper bag was). I went to the mall and got a dress for a wedding I'm going to next weekend. *Bonus score: I went to Macy's and found it, originally $150 for $41! I had a gift card and I only paid $14 total. Sweet* I went and got a pedicure because my feet were looking slightly worn. Got Olivia some flip flops from Old Navy. On my way back to pick up the peanut, I stopped at McDonald's to get a Frappe' because they are so de-lish!

I get home and Olivia is behaving and enjoying her time to play solo. So I upload the photos from today's play date and check email, etc. Russ calls me and says he's going to pick up pizza from our FAVE pizza place. Awesome. I dont have to cook!
30 minutes later, he comes home. I get ready to eat and BAM there it is.. a pepperoni pizza. Um. Hello? When do I ever eat pepperoni? I was so ticked, but I ate it anyways because I was straving. I swear sometimes it's almost as if he doesn't THINK. We've been together for almost 10 years and I have never ate pepperoni on my pizza. I'm a plain or veggie kinda girl.

After dinner, bath, teeth brushed, and bedtime, we sit down to watch Flash Forward. He had a long day at work, so he was soaking his feet in my foot bath. After the show, I saw Grey's was a repeat *lame*, so I start working and packing up my stuff for the Spring Swap I'm doing. I have everything laid out on the floor when SPLASH all down my back, tissue paper and floor is the water from the foot bath. He dropped it.

After that, I asked him where the Dove body wash was because I needed more. *It's a big 3 pack from Costco* There was a bonus loova in there, and mine is getting kinda gross, so I thought I'd switch it out with the free one. Not only is the package gone, ALL the soap is gone too. I swear he uses like a whole HAND full of soap to wash himself. He used the rest and pitched the package along with my free sponge.

I'm done. I'm PMSing and I'm done. He went to bed and I was actually happy to be alone for the rest of the evening.


MamaMonki said...

Men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Insert huge sigh here.

Apey said...

LOL. Oh, R. When will you learn.

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